Neha Soni

Ex IBMer and Entrepreneur

Neha Soni

Neha Soni is an Indian entrepreneur, ex- IBMer and technology evangelist by heart. She is the chief executive officer of Corum8, a global blockchain, AI development and Growth marketing firm she founded in 2018. She was featured in Fox News, ABC, NBC, the times, digital journal and other news channels for developing next-generation marketing tools using AI and extraordinary revolution which she bought in the marketing industry. She is also covered in TED and Forbes for Data – AI-based growth marketing, sales, and enterprise blockchain development.


As CEO of Corum8, the growth marketing, and media company, Neha and her team help B2B brands succeed in the digital age.

She has been named as “queen of millennial” in and “Business Titan” in ABC and Fox news. Neha has built a global audience and is known for helping brands succeed in the digital age.

Neha has a technical background and has worked with IBM for 3 years in Data Science and Business Intelligence technologies. She was introduced to blockchain while working in IBM and there she got hands-on experience on hyperledger fabric and the way enterprises work on the blockchain using AI amalgamation.

Neha is good with numbers, data, and analytics due to her prior experience in IBM. While attending several events across the globe, she realized how companies are burning money but are still not able to get enough sales and money in the company even to retain its employees. She researched the fact that why most of the companies failed despite having great products and decided to help companies by saving their ad spent capital and getting more leads for them. She developed several scripts with her team which uses sentiment analysis and public data from the internet to target the right people at right time with the right message which has successfully disrupted marketing and sales for many clients, she named it growth hacking. In one of the interview, she said: “Growth Hacking is important for all enterprises as it saves huge capital for enterprises and brings good revenue in company, but not many companies know how the technologies like Data Science, AI, and Blockchain will work in the marketing domain and how will it actually disrupt.”

An acclaimed keynote speaker, Neha has delivered keynotes in over 8 countries and spoken for many recognized brands. She has been named one of LinkedIn’s Top 10 Voices in technology, media and marketing.



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